Truly Blessed!!

valentine wrapped with a bowCookies are truly  powerful, who knew a sweet confection could evoke so many emotions.  They brighten your day or someone else’s, they make you smile, warm your heart,  create joy the list can go on. Yesterday I received a phone call where the potential client shared HER cookie story, that I would like to share with you:

“I have to tell you that your cookies have been a sweet and thoughtful gift from my boyfriend for the past two years.  He regularly goes to a bagel shop by his work where they have your cookies, they are always fun and seasonal so he would get them often to brighten my day or add to a holiday gift. So now that he is my fiance’ and we have set our wedding date we had no doubt that your cookies would be our favors.  The cookies have been a part  of our courtship and of course need to be a part of our wedding.  The cookie shape that we would like is the heart! .”

Cookies have truly blessed me in many ways, the opportunity to create beautiful edible art for special occasions,  have three amazing cookie girls that  create amazing designs and impact my life daily, and the honor of having our cookies be a part of someone’s story. Cookies no matter the type, shape or size they are a gift that truly gives back.