Time Flies

Fall favorsHi cookie friends,

Can it really be over a month since I checked in? October flew by faster then a witch on her broomstick.   I do apologize for my long absence and promise to check back in with you on a regular basis.

On the home front, the JCG moms are breathing a short sigh of relief as our kids’ Fall sports season has come to a close.  But as you know, you blink your eyes and another activity is starting up, whether it be a winter sport, school project or dare I say, the fast approaching holidays!

In the kitchen,  we have been busy baking and creating an awesome variety of cookies to enjoy.  I hope to put together a easy tutorial for making a simple Christmas cookie for you to make.

We are going to be tweaking the website a little. Thought we would change some things around and also add a few goodies.

There goes the oven timer, I have to run!  Please check back with us soon.

Warmest regards,