Back to school time is here

Welcome cookie friends to my first attempt at blogging.


It is that time of year once again, when we bid a fond farewell to beach days, swimming in the backyard pool, and catching fireflies on hot summer nights. This week was back to school time for the kids in town. As the school bus pulled away with our excited kids, a few of us Jersey Cookie girls did a little happy dance. No more hearing “Mom, I am bored!” or even better, “what are we going to do today?”

Honestly, we were just as excited, in the afternoon, when our daughter came bounding off the bus to tell all about her first day of high school. How great was it was to hear our seventh grader tell us about the awesome new class he is taking. And I can’t forget to mention, what fun it was to hear our youngest son explain what it was like to stay at school all day long and how cool it is to be a big first grader.

Whether your son or daughter is entering the first grade or high school, it’s always an adventure. Good luck to all of the students, parents and teachers out there! Here’s to a great school year for full of learning, growing and making new friend!

I have to sign off now, I hear the timer going off and I have to grab the cookies out of the oven.