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Fall Special!

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Would you like to Opt-In this month? The September Cookie Club delivery is scheduled for 9/16/14!

Cookie Blog

Gluten Free Cookies

Gluten Free Cookies Available

  Greeting Cookie Friends, We are always looking to add to our cookie line and we have great news from the test kitchen!  After a few trials and errors, we are happy to announce, we now can offer Gluten free cookies. They taste absolutely amazing.  We can’t wait to hear what you think. Warmest regards, […]

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Custom Designs

Custom cookies means you are able to create personalized cookies that are unique and follow the theme of your event or celebration.


The shape for the cookie is everything! We create sports, character, edible images cookies and anything else that would compliment your event.


Colors from pink to green and everything in between, oh my! All ready for you to select what best matches your theme to create your best custom cookies.


Sugar crystals and edible glitter and pearls are just some of the accents we use to make you custom cookies extra special for your event!